#16 Rails Upgrade News #016: Rails 6.1 Active Storage changes; Introducing Dash; HEY's Gemfile; Scaling async processing; New RubyGems version.

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #016 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. Rails 6.1 tracks Active Storage variant in the database: A new change in Active Storage for the next version of Rails.

2. Introducing Dash - An open source dashboard from OmbuLabs: An open source dashboard application written in Ruby on Rails that integrates open pull requests and issues from GitHub with Pivotal Tracker stories ✌️.

3. HEY's Gemfile: In case you are interested, this is the Gemfile that HEY, the latest service from Basecamp, is using.

4. How GitLab scaled async workload processing: An interesting article on how GitLab used Sidekiq to scale async processing 🚀.

5. RubyGems 3.2.0.rc.1 has been released: RubyGems just released a new version. We're happy to have made that possible 💎.

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