#17 Rails Upgrade News #017: Rails 6.1 changes; Assets precompile performance; Ruby competition; Heroku's platform-api gem​

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #017 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. Rails 6.1 adds support for where with a comparison operator: Rails 6.1 adds support to comparison operator in the where clause.

2. How to speed up assets precompile for Ruby on Rails apps: This short article will help you improve the performance of your app with some minor changes 🚀.

3. A Fast Car Needs Good Brakes: An interesting article on how Heroku added client rate throttling to their platform-api gem.

4. Rails 6.1 allows enums attributes to configure the default value: Rails 6.1 makes it easier to configure a default value for Active Record enum attributes ✌️.

5. 2021 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition: If you have developed an interesting Ruby program recently, consider applying! 💎

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