#18 Rails Upgrade News #018: Podcast episode with Ernesto Tagwerker; Tips for Code Review; New deprecation in Rails 6.1; The State of Ruby 3 Typing; Ruby Spec Compatibility Report.

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #018 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. SkunkScore with Ernesto Tagwerker: In this new podcast episode of Legacy Code Rocks, Ernesto and Scott talk about software maintenance, SkunkScore, and more 🎧.

2. Our Code Review Etiquette: A list of tips that we follow at OmbuLabs when we do code reviews 🙂.

3. Rails 6.1 deprecates the use of return, break or throw to exit a transaction block: A new deprecation for the upcoming Rails 6.1.

4. The State of Ruby 3 Typing: Introducing RBS, Ruby’s new type signature language 💎.

5. The Ruby Spec Suite Compatibility Report: A very interesting report about the compatibility of Ruby implementations with ruby/spec.

We hope you find these links useful. Feel free to forward it to your friends! ;)

Have a nice week!

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