#3 Ruby 2.7; Performance improvements; Security vulnerabilities tools; and more

Happy Friday!,

Here is the new issue for the 'Rails Upgrade News' newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. Ruby 2.7 has been released: As we anticipated in our previous newsletter, the final release for Ruby 2.7 came up as a Christmas gift for all of us🎅. In this link you can see all the changes that were implemented in a very readable way.

2. Cut your RSpec/Minitest runtime with TestProf: This is an interesting dive into why your test suite could be running too slow 🐢

3. Why Premature Optimization is Bad: This great article will show you why is important to look at the metrics before doing any optimization in your code.

4. Security vulnerabilities tools: This set of tools can help you address the security vulnerabilities that you might have in your application.

5. The Ultimate Guide to Blazing-Fast Performance in Rails: This article covers a lot of different techniques to improve the performance of any Rails app 🚀

    I hope you find these links useful.

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