#6 Rails Upgrade News #006: Skunk on Github Actions; Contributor friendly Open Source projects; RoR coding live stream; and more.

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #006 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. How to calculate tech debt using Skunk on GitHub Actions: Running Skunk on your Ruby project is now easier than ever thanks to Github Actions ✌️.

2. Maintainable podcast episode: Ernesto Tagwerker (founder of FastRuby) was invited to Maintainable, a podcast run by Robby Russell. We discussed the challenges of Ruby on Rails upgrade projects, running a software consultancy, hiring and mentoring junior developers, and more 🎧. (Make sure to disable your AdBlock if the page doesn't load).

3. Tips for creating contributor friendly Open Source projects: A list of tips and tools that can help you make your open source project a more friendly space 🌈.

4. Ruby on Rails performance coding live stream: In this live stream, Nate Berkopec and Josh Pigford work on some performance improvements on a Spotify app (PLYLST) ▶️.

5. Gemifying your style guide to DRY your CSS: This article explains how you can encapsulate your style guide in a gem in order to follow the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle.

We hope you find these links useful. Feel free to forward it to your friends! ;)

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