#74 Ruby 3.2’s YJIT, Rails 7.1, Tune Report & A New Front-End Language! 📑⚡⚙️

Happy Thursday!

Here is issue #74 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your current or future Rails projects:

1. Tan Guo Xiang of the Discourse community ran Ruby 3.2’s YJIT in production and found significant improvements for Discourse users. Get the full scoop on their experiment.

2. Organize business logic in a Ruby on Rails application in this first of a two-part series. 📑

⚡ Identify optimization opportunities. Accelerate your Ruby application—all with our Tune Report. ⚡

3. Another profiler frontend language dropped! But this time it's designed to easily capture flamegraphs. Introducing...Singed! More on Gusto's blog.

4. Reflecting on the recent chatter in the r/ruby subreddit—Victor Shepelev gives his unfiltered perspective of Ruby's type annotations on his blog.

5. Rails 7.1 introduced a new method in Active Record that will make your data warehouse very happy. 🙏

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