#79 ICYMI: Our First Webinar on Ruby on Rails Security Was Action-Packed With Information You Might Need...

Happy Tuesday!

In issue #79 of our newsletter we want to give you some tidbits from our Rails Security webinar yesterday in case you couldn't join us...

First here's the Reader's Digest version on our blog with the full webinar recording and Ernesto's presentation, along with some resources you might find especially helpful!

1. Curious about Wafris? It's a free and open source Web Application Firewall to stop attackers within Rails applications. Reserve your spot on the waitlist. ❌

2. Detect vulnerabilities within your Rails application before they become a major security concern. Our comprehensive Ruby on Rails audit might help. 🔍

3. Upload your Gemfile.lock to expose potential issues in your application with our auditing tool. ⚠️

4. Bookmark this: Rails security guides from the official Ruby on Rails website! 💎

5. We highly recommend using Brakeman, a static analysis security tool, and incorporating it into your development workflow.

We'll see you at the next webinar ;)


The FastRuby.io Team

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