#81 🚨 Work through that technical debt sooner than later...

Happy Thursday!

Here is issue #81 of our newsletter, for news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects...

1. A blog post to learn the difference between inclusive and exclusive end ranges and the SQL queries each choice produces. Unleash the untapped power of Ruby's Range Literals to revolutionize your rails active record queries. πŸ”₯

2. Here's some essential reading: Discover the fascinating history behind the Assets Pipeline in one comprehensive blog post. πŸ“–

🚨 Work through your technical debt with a slower-paced retainer model 🚨

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The results?

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Read what the monthly maintenance services cover and why your application needs it.

3. William Kennedy covers how to supercharge your iOS app's authentication flow with Turbo Native Authentication in a two-part blog series. Read more. ⚑

4. Have you found all of the full-stack optimization opportunities within your Rails application? The Tune report can help you identify them. πŸ€“

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