#88 🧑🏽‍💻 Strada & Turbo Navigator, Rails 5.2-6.0 Upgrading tips, ActiveRecord::Base::Normalization, Roadmap & Tune Reports

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #88 of our newsletter, for news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. 👣 Interesting info by Joe Masilotti with a step-by-step guide to integrating Strada with Turbo Navigator.

2. ⬆️ Upgrading Rails 5.2 to 6.0? Check out how ActionDispatch::Response#content_type changed between the two versions.

☑️ Need an upgrade but can’t get buy-in from your stakeholders? :map:

Get your business case approved with an upgrade roadmap and let our experts help make your case for a Rails upgrade. It is a complete assessment tailored to your app! The Roadmap by FastRuby.io

3. 📖 Read more about using ActiveRecord::Base::Normalization to set custom rules for how model attributes are normalized.

4. ⚠️ There are various ways to skip all callbacks for all models in Rails, but it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of each method and use them cautiously. Skipping callbacks can certainly have a positive impact on your app’s performance! Need a performance audit? Check out our Tune Report

5. 💎 More about the importance of having a Rails + Ruby Versioning and Gemfile Policy.

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