#90 ⚙️ Prism, Ruby’s New Default Parser; Rails Performance Pains; The Cost to Upgrade; and more… 💸

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #90 of our newsletter with news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. 📖 Interesting Read: Staying Ahead of the Rails Curve: Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Upgrade for Company Success. This article focuses on the benefits of creating a company culture that emphasizes minimizing technical debt and staying current. It is never too late to put processes in place.

2. 💰 The first two articles of our series examining the cost of Rails Upgrades are live.

3. 🐻 Sharing is caring! Here is a helpful website highlighted by one of our team members: RAILSG is a collection of Ruby on Rails generator command references and command builders.

💪🏽 Ready to prioritize your Ruby on Rails performance? Get the Tune Report!

🚅 The Tune Report is a detailed, full-stack analysis and performance improvement plan with actionable recommendations and estimates to speed up your Ruby application with our team of experts. We partnered with Nate Berkopec to offer only the best.

4. 🚀 A big shout-out to our team! The new FastRuby.io Services page looks sleek and polished: Need to pay off technical debt or improve your Rails performance? This page covers all the productized services that we offer to our clients.

5. 💎 Kevin Newton (@kddnewton) is writing a series for Advent of Code about Prism, the new Ruby parser. Check out the Introduction: Advent of Prism and follow along as the series progresses.

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