#93 📦 Jam-packed updates of the latest on Ruby, Rails 8.0, Fly.io, SolidQueue, and security vulnerabilities…

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Here is issue #93 of our newsletter with news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. 📁 This article contains helpful information about Serving ActiveStorage attachments through a CDN that can also be applied to other storage providers you may already use.

2. 💎 Updating to the latest Ruby version provides new features and performance enhancements, but navigating the upgrade process can be challenging. A systematic and organized approach to Ruby Upgrades is key to a smooth and successful upgrade, addressing all necessary components.

3. 🤩 Ariel & Fiona reflect on their time at RubyConf 2023, highlighting key takeaways and exciting things to come.

4. 🚨 Is Rails security an issue for you? Learn more on how to use Brakeman to find Rails security vulnerabilities. Not sure? If you need help keeping your Rails applications secure, Contact us for a security audit!

🪫Is your Ruby or Rails version lagging? Try the slow & steady way… 🐢

🔋Jumpstart your upgrades with our fixed-cost monthly maintenance service, Bonsai – the gradual approach to upgrading your Ruby and Rails dependencies. Plans start at $2,000/month.

5. 🪰 Great information about deploying Rails on Fly.io was shared recently. This tutorial aims to highlight the straightforward migration path from Heroku to Fly.io, emphasizing Fly.io's notable advantage in user-friendliness.

6. 💎 The new release of RubyGems 3.5.4 is live; It installs the new Bundler 2.5.4 and also fixes a bug where updating RubyGems in Ruby 2.7 would fail by installing the wrong version of RubyGems.

7. 🆕 Speaking of new, an update to Minitest 5.21.0 and 5.21.1 was released with enhancements and fixes.

8. 🤔 Interesting article by Kyle Keesling about Migrating from Sidekiq to Solid Queue, and what he says convinced him to make the change.

9. ✅ GitHub PRs to note:

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