#95 🧯🔥 How to dual boot Rails with Docker, also… stuck in Flakey Test Hell?

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Here is issue #95 of our newsletter with news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. 🧵🪡 This article, Cracking the Case on Flaky Tests: Tips for Build Confidence and Seamless Upgrades​, offers tips to unravel the mystery of flaky specs. Ultimately, eliminating test flakiness enhances the likelihood of successful upgrades.

2. 🎯 Did you know that a slow LCP can impact your application’s SEO? It might be because your Largest Contentful Paint​ score is poor and needs improvement.

3. 🥾👢 How do you go aboutDual-Booting Ruby on Rails using Docker? Rails 7.1 introduces Docker files by default for new applications. At FastRuby.io, we use the​ Dual-Boot technique​ during upgrades, requiring extra steps to maintain an excellent development experience with Docker.

🌳 Need to Upgrade Ruby or Rails on a Tight Budget?

Try Bonsai by FastRuby! Starting at $2,000/month, Bonsai is the cost-effective way to gradually modernize your Gemfile, Ruby, and Rails 🚀

4. 💎 Check out our latest ​Case Study for ReadyTech​: They reduced infrastructure costs by 5-10% 🚀

5. 🤨 jQuery 4.0.0 has been in the works for a long time, but it is now ready for a​jQuery 4.0.0 BETA​ release!

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