#96 🔥 A more secure Rails 8, Hanami 2.1 released, and a complete guide to Postgres indexes for Rails devs…

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Here is issue #96 of our newsletter with news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1.👆🏼In an earlier article, we outlined various factors contributing to suboptimal performance in Rails applications, including missing or inaccurate indexes. This article examines PostgreSQL indexes and provides a convenient resource detailing different types of indexes, their appropriate usage, and considerations for when they may not be beneficial.

2. 🥾👢 We do love the Dual-Boot Technique! Ariel discusses extending the dual-booting technique beyond just Rails; you can also use it to upgrade Ruby. He outlines the necessary adaptations and provides a basic overview so you can Dual-Boot Ruby.

3. 💎 This Ruby & Roda Compatibility Table helps you navigate compatibility between Ruby & Roda versions.

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4.📆 Hanami 2.1 has been released! After a year of work, the new version of Hanami is here! This release introduces a new view layer and front-end assets support, and brings Hanami a big step closer to our full stack vision.

5. 🔎 Rails 8 will now include Brakeman by default! This will make it easier to find insecure application code in your Rails application.

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