#98 💸 Tech Debt Maturity Model, Faster rails assets:precompile, Rollup vs. Esbuild, Turbo 8…

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #98 of our newsletter with news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. ⏩ Check out this optimization-centered article Speeding up Rails assets Precompilation by our Staff Engineer Ariel Juodziukynas: Experiments with bun and esbuild to make rails assets:precompile 50% faster.

2. 💸 Is your technical debt out of control? How do engineering teams at Google manage tech debt? Our Founder & CTO Ernesto Tagwerker shares insights from a study by Google’s Engineering Productivity Research Team → Tech Debt Maturity Model

3.💎 Good Read on Micro benchmarking value object structures in Ruby ➡️ Exploring performance of Data.define vs Struct and OpenStruct

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4. ⬆️ Rollup vs. Esbuild in Rails applications. A case study ➡️ https://saaslit.com/blog/ruby/rollup-vs-esbuild-for-rails

5. 🎱 How to build a sortable table with Turbo 8's page refreshes: https://www.colby.so/posts/turbo-8-refresh-sorting

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