The Roadmap to Upgrade Rails

Ready to upgrade Rails but don't know how long it is going to take?

Running a couple of versions behind? That's not unusual. You were busy shipping features, fixing bugs, and making sure you reached your goals! Now you look back and realize that your current Rails version is no longer supported by the Rails core team.

Stop wondering how much time it will take...

Starting an upgrade project seems like a daunting challenge. It doesn't have to be this way. We have worked through hundreds of upgrades with teams like yours. We know where to begin, how to approach the upgrade, and what the process should look like. It doesn't matter if your application is a huge monolith or a single page application. We have upgraded it before!

You're probably wondering: What are the major blockers in this project? What gems are we using that are not compatible with Rails 5? Are we in good shape to even approach an upgrade project? So. Many. Questions. We have answers.

What you will get with our roadmap

You will give us access to your source code and a target Rails version. We will talk about your current development workflow to make sure that you are ready for a Rails upgrade project. We will discuss your most pressing concerns about the next Rails version -- that one thing (or many things) that are stopping you from getting there.

Next we will dive into your application code and its dependencies to see what the current situation is. We will keep track of all the technical debt (not just ugly monkeypatches) that we find and compile a list of critical issues. We will make suggestions about your current software development process. Every phase in the Rails upgrade project should be a small pull request that is properly reviewed, tested, and deployed to staging and production.

The process

  1. 1. Chat with us!

    Have a quick call with our team. We will discuss your app and the Rails upgrade in more detail. We will also share information about our process and answer any questions you may have.

  2. 2. Purchase the Roadmap to Upgrade Rails.

    This package includes a report with an action plan to upgrade Rails, a prioritized list of issues in the code, a code quality report and a set of estimates to give you an idea of how long the Rails upgrade plan will take to implement.

  3. 3. Sign an NDA.

    We will sign it too! Your source code is confidential information, so we like to treat it as such. We never analyze confidential information without having an NDA in place.

  4. 4. Read-only Access.

    We will need to view your application’s source code in order to create the report.

  5. 5. Roadmap Delivery.

    We have a one-week turn around on the Roadmap Package. After completing the report, we will send it to your team and schedule a call to discuss it in more detail.

  6. 6. Roadmap Call.

    We like to have a call to discuss the Roadmap Report and answer any questions that you might have. Decided to use the report and complete the Rails upgrade on your own? No problem, we are still happy to have a call and guide you through the upgrade.

  7. 7. Interested in having us upgrade your Rails app?

    Great! Now that the code has been reviewed and the project estimates have been created, we are all set to get started. Your payment for the Roadmap package will count as a credit towards your Rails upgrade project.

After a few days, you will get:

An actionable Rails upgrade plan

A prioritized list of the most pressing issues

A code quality report

A set of suggestions to improve your software development process

A prioritized list of tasks to get to the next version of Rails

A follow-up call to answer any questions you might have

Finally, you will get a set of estimates (worst/best case scenario) which will give you an idea of how much effort it would take a Senior Engineer to implement your Rails upgrade plan.

Are you Ready?

Are you tired of wondering how long it will take? Are you stressed about running an outdated version of ActiveRecord in production? Are you still wondering what the steps are to deploy the next Rails version to production? Are you ready for the roadmap?


If you are not 100% happy with The Roadmap, you get your money back.