Accelerate Your Ruby Application with Tune Report

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Four of the largest Rails applications in the world, Github, Shopify, Basecamp and Cookpad, are all monolithic Rails apps and they all have response times of less than 100 milliseconds on average.

How? They know what they need to improve performance and how to do it. Now, it's your turn to experience the same results. is partnering with Speedshop founder Nate Berkopec to bring you Tune Report.

Tune Report helps businesses identify full-stack optimization opportunities within their Rails application.

Accelerate your Ruby Application with Tune Report

Ruby web applications don't have to be slow, and you don't have to do backflips or refactor your entire application into service objects and microservices to make them faster.

Or see what our past clients say about us:

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  • “Instead of tying up our engineers on maintaining our infrastructure, we were able to focus on the growth of our product and develop business features that will drive retention, reduce churn, and increase the amount of recurring revenue.”

    Ely Alvarado, Director of Engineering at

  • “I was shocked that we were able to do so much in a short amount of time and to show that kind of return on investment. The Tune Report came at a really great time and showed us how beneficial it was to do—not just once, but routinely. It's like taking your application to the auto mechanic for a checkup.”

    Wade Winningham, Principal Developer at Power HRG

Our Process

We Get Familiar with Your Performance Needs

You'll give us access to your performance metric provider, such as New Relic, Skylight or Scout, and any other server metrics.

We'll also need read (not write) access to your source code.

We'll discuss your particular performance needs like if you need a tuneup for the frontend, or if you have memory issues.

Thoroughly Review your Application

Next, we'll dive into your application to see where improvements can be made.

Often, these improvements take the form of config changes or one-line changes which can be implemented the same-day.

We've saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by changing a few environment variables or introducing them to a simple tool or Rubygem they've never heard of before.

Deliver a Performance Plan

After a few days, you'll receive a long-term performance plan, which will contain a dozen or more recommendations for improving the scalability, cost-effectiveness and performance of your Ruby web application.

We'll also identify common themes and problems we found and tell you what performance skills your team needs to work on improving.

We'll have a follow-up call to discuss any questions and comments you might have.

Set you up for Future Success

Finally, you and your entire team will get access to Speedshop's Complete Guide to Rails Performance (CGRP).

This guide will provide extra support as you work through the recommendations in the report.

Should you need further assistance beyond the Tune Report and CGRP, we're available to optimize your app for you as an additional service.

Scale Smart with

Improve site performance and speed with a $12,000 investment

Even if you're spending less than that, you could almost certainly be spending even less. It's better to scale smart than to scale blind.

That's where we come in - we've helped our clients slash their server costs by up to five figures per month.

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