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Serving ActiveStorage attachments through a CDN

Here at we always try to have our own applications in such a state that they can always be pointed to as models in terms of performance and accessibility.

One of the tools we use to achieve that is our CDN. After all, considering we have clients everywhere from the US to New Zealand, we want anyone perusing our websites to have good loading times for the pages and, especially, the assets.

However, no matter how thorough, one always misses a spot or two.

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Deploying Rails on

Recently, Robby Russel posted posted on Twitter asking for Heroku alternatives for small Rails apps. Since it got quite a bit of traction, I decided to explore some options and post my experiences as blog posts.

For my first post, I’ll go for one that I’ve already used in the past and liked it very much:

I like them because they’re dead simple and have great docs. The dashboard is pretty good too, but since I’m not one to have too many requirements around my apps, the simplicity of use is what I like the most.

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