#104 💎 Upgrading internal gems, Bundler Updates, Memory Leaks, Garbage Collection and more…

Happy Thursday!

Here is issue #104 of our newsletter with news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. 🚀 Developers can upgrade internal gems to be compatible with the latest Ruby/Rails version, ensuring a smoother transition and stable application performance. ​Gelsey​ shares everything you need to know about successfully ​upgrading internal gems​.

2. 🧠 An article tracking down a memory leak that showcases the benefits of upgrading Rails and the gems used.

3. 💎🚮 Useful article to learn about Garbage Collection, with some good tips about Measuring Ruby Garbage Collector.

4. 📚 New versions of bundler released rubygems/bundler/CHANGELOG.md at master · rubygems/rubygems.

🚀 Need an Action Plan to Upgrade to Rails 7.2 and Ruby 3.3?

Discover the work and effort it takes to upgrade and ensure security compliance. Backed by ​30,000+ hours on upgrades​, your zero-downtime upgrade journey begins here. ​The Upgrade Roadmap​ by ​@FastRubyIO​ allows you to know how long it will take to upgrade before you begin.

5. 🗂️ When your application succeeds, specific tables, like the users table, can grow significantly. If you're diligent, you'll periodically monitor your database's performance. Any slow queries in the metrics likely indicate a missing index; more info about Safely adding an index in a production database.

6. 🤖 There are now many state-of-the-art machine-learning libraries available for Ruby. If you’re a Ruby engineer who’s interested in machine learning, now’s a good time to learn about the 16 gems for Ruby to work with Machine Learning.

7. 🩹 Reminder: New security patches of Rails were released Rails Versions,,, and 7.2.0.beta2 have been released!

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