#54 RailsConf2022 Schedule, Generating the Gemfile.next.lock, Custom Changes in Ruby and more 🙌

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #054 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

  1. RailsConf2022 Lineup: Check out this year's schedule featuring our workshop on Upgrading Rails: The Dual-Boot Way
  2. Generating the Gemfile.next.lock: Learn 2 techniques to generate this file: the faster one and the safer one
  3. Custom Changes in Ruby: Create ranges for custom objects by implementing just a couple standard methods: <=> and succ
  4. Rails 7 Now Lazy Loads Schema Cache: Use a config option to now switch between eager and lazy schema cache loading
  5. Ruby 3.1 introduces Variable Width Allocation for Strings: Understand how Variable Width Allocation works in Ruby

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