#87 🌎 Rails World Conference, Rack Attack, Roadmaps, & Web Navigation

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #87 of our newsletter, for news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. 🤩 Greg Molnar shows you how to rate-limit your authentication endpoints with Rack Attack.

2. ✅ Check out this tutorial: Mastering Rails Web Navigation with link_to and button_to Helpers Part 1 and Part 2 with Ahmed Nadar.

🚨 Upgrading Rails often lingers at the bottom of to-do lists, with bug fixes and new features taking priority, but supporting an old version in production starts to cause issues. An unsupported version means dangerous security holes, a possibly unstable build, and performance problems. If upgrading is finally on your to do list, what is better than having the process laid out for you.

🔎 Discover what your next version jump requires with a detailed report by our Rails upgrade specialists. It is time to prioritize your upgrades with a Roadmap!

3. 🌎 Rails World Conference talks are now available to watch on YouTube. With 700+ Rails developers in attendance, there were 29 speakers covering technical topics, demos, workshops, networking, and keynotes about the latest features and best practices in Rails development.

4. 🔑 Follow along as Christopher Winslet reflects on his time at Rails World Amsterdam with his key takeaways for Ruby on Rails 7.1; the top two native Rails features for Postgres seem to be async queries and composite primary keys.

5. 🛒 Shopify tested a new app server (Pitchfork) in production and saw some considerable memory usage reduction (~30%).

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