#99 🚨 Ruby 3.0 EOL, Troubleshooting GitHub Actions, Optimizing Postgres for Rails, and a Handy Migration Squasher Gem…

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Here is issue #99 of our newsletter with news and the best tools for your current or future Rails projects…

1. 🧭 Navigating potential pitfalls while setting up a GitHub Actions workflow for your Rails app, particularly with a MYSQL database, can be challenging whether you're new to it or transitioning from another CI service. How can you troubleshoot GitHub actions with Rails and MySQL?​

2.⏳How would you approach a problem of high page load times when the bottleneck is the database and a suboptimal Postgres configuration? Rishi examines improving performance and load times and Getting to the Root of Slow Page Loads: Our Postgres Database Optimization Story​.

3. 🤖 Interested in building a Discord bot with Ruby on Rails? Fiona wrote a handy guide to show you how to build one: ​How to Build a Discord Bot in Ruby on Rails​

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4. ➡️ 💎 ⬅️ We think it’s useful to consolidate migrations into one file for applications that have been around for 10+ years. ​The Squasher gem removes all the migrations and creates a single migration​ with the final database state of the specified date (the new migration will look like a schema).

5. 💾 Stuck on Ruby 3.0 or older? Don’t shoot the messenger.😬 Ruby 3.0 is now past EOL. ​Ruby 3.0 is no longer getting security updates​ as of April 1st, 2024.

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