Ruby on Rails Security Audit

Need to find security issues and known vulnerabilities in your codebase? Fortify your Rails application with this comprehensive security audit.

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Safeguarding your Rails application from potential security threats is of paramount importance. Exploited vulnerabilities mean costs not only to fix the vulnerability and affected services, but also in insurance hike rates, reputational damage, potential lawsuits, among others.  

At, we understand the intricacies of Rails development and the complexities involved in maintaining a secure application. We also understand how easy it can be to unknowingly introduce attack vectors in your codebase. Our Ruby on Rails Security Audit is designed to fortify your application's defenses and provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on what matters most—building and growing your business.

What will you get?

A comprehensive security audit report with valuable insights into the vulnerabilities present in your Rails application. Our team will analyze your source code and dependencies to uncover potential weak points that may compromise the security of your system.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive audit to help you save your development team hours of investigative work. The report delivers prioritized, actionable data to help your team better focus their efforts on implementing the necessary security enhancements and fortifying your Rails application against potential threats.

Vulnerable Dependencies

Our report includes a detailed examination of your application's dependencies, providing you with a list of dependencies that are known to be vulnerable. This kind of vulnerability is very common if you are not running the latest version of Ruby, Rails, Ubuntu, or any of the dependencies that are key to delivering your service.

You will get an insecure dependencies report that looks like this:

(Excerpt from the Audit report)

This will give you a clear understanding of the potential risks associated with your current set of dependencies and enable your team to proactively address these vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of security breaches effectively, by focusing on the highest impact ones first.

Vulnerable Code

It is easy to inadvertently introduce attack vectors when shipping features and bug fixes. Even experienced, well-intentioned software engineers can introduce code that could be exploited by malicious attackers.

Our thorough static code analysis exposes these vulnerabilities within your codebase, highlighting areas that require immediate attention. The report includes a comprehensive list of identified and prioritized potential vulnerabilities, giving you a holistic picture and the information required to focus your remediation efforts efficiently.

Our security audit’s static code analysis would help you find issues like these:

(Brakeman report sample excerpt)

Our team will assess the severity of each warning, discarding false positives, and confirming the most pressing security issues.

Your team can take our prioritized list of security issues and start addressing them right away.

Why do you need a security audit?

Ruby on Rails makes it really easy to get started and build an application from scratch, providing a strong foundation for security measures. The framework comes with a lot of security features that enable us to keep our database secure, our access restricted, and our vulnerabilities low. 

However, Ruby on Rails’ built-in security features don’t solely guarantee security. Vulnerabilities can inadvertently creep into your codebase, potentially compromising sensitive data or exposing your application to bad actors. It only takes one line of a poorly written ActiveRecord call to start leaking private information, or one poorly scoped route to allow a malicious visitor to see private details they were not supposed to see.

Ensuring the security of your Rails application goes beyond the expertise or skills of your development team. It's about understanding that everyday activities can inadvertently introduce vulnerabilities, and even the best defined processes won’t completely eliminate the risk of one of these vulnerabilities making it into your codebase. 

That's why conducting a thorough security audit is essential. By analyzing your application’s source code, looking into your system as a whole, we can identify potential weak points, recommend improvements, and safeguard your application against unforeseen threats.

Ready to Invest in the Security of Your Rails Application?

Our comprehensive Ruby on Rails security audit costs $5,900 and can be ready in a week.

Take a proactive stance against potential security breaches and protect yours and your customer’s data. 

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