Stay Up To Date with Rails:

Want your Rails 7.1 upgrade to take days instead of weeks?

Stop the technical debt from building up with our ongoing update service

You’ve successfully updated to Rails 7.0? Congratulations!

Updating to 7.0 can be a huge task for many companies, especially if the codebase was a few versions behind. (We should know, we help people with those updates).

If you have recently updated your app then congratulations, we know how big an achievement that is.

But you’ve probably realized that Rails 7.1 is going to create another headache, especially if you don’t keep all your gems updated over the next year.

Note: If you’re on version 2.3, 3.2, 4.2 or 5.2 and are contemplating the work required for upgrading, check out The Roadmap

Let us keep your codebase up to date

Developers always have an endless list of bugs to fix or features to build, so it’s inevitable that non-urgent tasks like checking gem dependencies get pushed aside.

With our Stay Up To Date service, we will constantly monitor your codebase to detect:

  1. Any conflicts between your code and the Rails master branch
  2. Issues due to dependencies releasing breaking changes
  3. Submitted changes that don’t follow the future Rails way

We will then go ahead and submit a set of pull requests or work with your developers where your input is required. That way your Rails 7.1 upgrade will only require a PR submission.

Don’t ever let your Rails version fall behind

We have upgraded over 80 Rails applications since 2011

Our sole focus at is updating Rails applications. We are constantly finding the best workflows, learning about the latest automations or reading about major conflicts.

We could save your team 10 to 40 hours a week depending on your codebase, so that your team can stay focused on new features.

7 steps to help maintain your code

  1. 1.


    We have a call to discuss your application and requirements, then sort out admin and source code access.

  2. 2.

    Introduce dual booting

    This allows us to detect errors, deprecation warnings and potential problems with the next Rails release

  3. 3.

    Monitor test suite.

    Monitor failures in the test suite that uses the next version of Rails.

  4. 4.

    Setup CI

    Set up your continuous integration (CI) service to run nightly builds with the next version of Rails.

  5. 5.

    Fix outdated idioms

    Fix outdated idioms in the current version of the application. Implement Rails shims where necessary.

  6. 6.

    Open source contributions

    Submit open source contributions to dependencies that won’t be compatible with the next version of Rails.

  7. 7.

    Weekly report

    Weekly reports about readiness to upgrade to the next version of Rails. Our goal is to get your application 100% ready for Rails 7.1.

Once you have decided to sign up to our monthly Stay Up To Date service we will have a kick off meeting and get started!

Money back guarantee

Sign up for our Stay Up To Date package!

Our Stay Up To Date service is a monthly subscription, where we keep your app updated to remove incompatibilities and conflicts as they appear, before Rails 7.1 is released.

When Rails 7.1 is released, we will submit one PR to upgrade within days.

We offer three tiers depending on the size and complexity of your application:


LOC >= 20,000

Total Gems >= 250

per month


(Usually saves you more than 60 hours/month)


4,000 >= LOC < 20,000

Total Gems < 250

per month

(Usually saves you an average of 30 hours/month)


LOC < 4,000

Total Gems < 150

per month

(Usually saves you an average of 15 hours/month)

In order to calculate your application’s size and complexity follow our tutorial: How we calculate application size

Please note you need to be running Rails 7.0 to use our Stay Up To Date service. If you are running a previous version and need help assessing what an upgrade will require then check out The Roadmap.

You should also be using a continuous integration service and have a test suite code coverage above 60%.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% happy with our services, you can cancel in the first month for a full refund.

Terms of service: In order to sign up to the Stay Up To Date service, you need to agree to our Terms of Service.

Don't fall behind on your Rails application.

We will get on a quick call to discuss your project size and your needs.