Is This Rails Upgrade Project a Good Fit?

Is This Rails Upgrade Project a Good Fit?

Over the years we have seen a significant increase in the demand for Ruby on Rails opens a new window upgrades. That’s why a few years ago we decided to launch opens a new window , our Ruby on Rails upgrade service.

When we receive an inquiry via opens a new window , the first thing we like to do is schedule a call with the potential client to get more details about their app.

In the call we like to get the following info:

  1. A general overview of their app and why they are interested in upgrading Rails
  2. What Rails version is their app currently on?
  3. What Rails version do they want to upgrade to?
  4. What Ruby version is their app using?
  5. How large is their app? How many models does it have?
  6. How much test coverage does their app have?
  7. Are there any major blockers that they know of? Have they tried to upgrade before?
  8. Do they have any time limitations or deadlines? How fast do they want to start working on the upgrade?

These questions help us get an idea of the scope and level of risk of the Rails upgrade. Asking the potential client about the test coverage on their app is crucial to assess risk. We generally don’t upgrade Rails apps that have less than 60% test coverage. Similarly, asking about the potential client’s timeframe and deadlines can be helpful to determine if we have the availability and bandwidth to complete the Rails upgrade. Depending on the urgency of the project, we might assign two developers to work full time or part time on the project.

Based on the information from these initial opens a new window calls, we can determine whether or not the Rails upgrade project is a good fit for the team.

If the project is a good fit for us, we direct our leads to purchase The Roadmap’s report opens a new window . All of our clients purchase this initial assessment to get an idea of the state of their project. After they receive the Roadmap Report, some clients decide to use the roadmap to work on a Rails upgrade opens a new window on their own and others decide to work with us on their upgrade project.

Rails 6.0 is right around the corner opens a new window . If you don’t have the time to upgrade your Rails app, check out opens a new window and schedule a call with us.

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