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An Introduction to Software Quality (Part 2): What Is Technical Debt?

Technical debt, a term coined by Ward Cunningham in the 1990s, refers to the trade-off between short-term gains and long-term consequences in the development process. In this article, we will explore what technical debt is, why it happens, why you should care about it, and discover some new tools to help you discover the technical debt in your Rails applications.

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How and Why to Measure Dependency Freshness in your Ruby Application

Whether you are working in a legacy Ruby application, or a brand new application, measuring your dependency freshness score can be a positive indicator to understand whether you are staying current or gradually falling out of date.

Dependency freshness is defined as the difference between the currently used version of a dependency and the version that the system would ideally use.

In this article, I will discuss a couple of ways to keep track of how outdated or how fresh your dependencies really are.

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Bonsai - Fixed-cost, Monthly Maintenance Service

Ever since we started offering productized Ruby and Rails upgrade services and upgrade roadmaps, we’ve been interested in helping as many people and companies as possible.

Unfortunately, in the past we’ve had to turn down companies who wanted to work with us but couldn’t secure the minimum monthly budget to work with our experts.

I’m pleased to announce that we’re now offering new opportunities for startups and small businesses to work alongside our team.

In this article, I will share a few new options to collaborate with our team of experts who specialize in technical debt remediation.

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