Workshop - Upgrade Rails 101: The Roadmap to Smooth Upgrades

Workshop - Upgrade Rails 101: The Roadmap to Smooth Upgrades

Next week the Rails community is having the biggest event of the year, the Rails Conf 2019. We participated in previous editions of this conference but this time we have the honor to be on the speakers side of it. We’ll be teaching you what we’re best at: Rails Upgrades.

Workshop Rails Conf

At we have been doing Rails Upgrades for many years. This has allowed us to work on all kind of projects. From tiny MVP’s to huge monolith applications.

During the 2-hour workshop you will learn a proven Rails upgrade process for major and minor version changes of Rails. We will teach you how you can evaluate a Rails application before considering upgrading it. What tools you should use to make the upgrade easier. What the main things are that you should address on every upgrade. And much more. You will leave this workshop with a roadmap to upgrade your Rails application.

If you’re going to Rails Conf and are interested in attending our workshop, you can book your place here. In that link there are a few notes to help you be prepared for the workshop. So make sure to check it out.

Hope to see you there!

If you’re not on Rails 6.0 yet, we can help! Download our free eBook: The Complete Guide to Upgrade Rails.

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