#26 Ruby 3 & Ractors; Gems Compatibility with Rails; Heroku-20 Stack; CD with GitHub Actions

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #026 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. How Fast are Ractors?: Ruby 3 is coming in exactly one month, and one of its new concurrency primitives is Ractors.

2. Rails Weekly News: This week in Rails there were some bugfixes, improvements and more! 🚀

3. RailsBump: Check your Ruby gems for compatibility with all major Rails versions. 💎

4. Heroku-20 Stack: This stack is now based on Ubuntu 20.04, compared to Ubuntu 18.04 used in the Heroku-18 stack.

5. Continuous Deployment with Rails & GitHub Actions: A great screencast on how to set up GitHub Actions to run CI and CD to automate things. ▶️

We hope you find these links useful. Feel free to forward it to your friends! ;)

Have a nice week!

The FastRuby.io team.

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