#45 HEY-inspired Pop-ups Using Hotwire; Mastering Rails Time Operations

Happy Wednesday!

Here is issue #045 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. HEY-inspired Pop-ups Using Hotwire: How to use StimulusJS and Turbo to make lazy-loaded menus. πŸ”₯

2. Mastering Rails Time Operations: A look into the performance of ActiveSupport date methods. ⏰

3. Essential RubyOnRails Patterns β€”part 5: Pub/Sub: This article describes the Pub/Sub pattern and why we should use it.

4. Building a Documentation Workflow in Rails: This article explains docs-as-code principles and shows how you can build a docs-as-code workflow for a Rails app. πŸ—’

5. The Developers Guide To Scaling Rails Apps: A look into how to scale Rails applications, some challenges, and the solutions.

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(Note: we are trying something a little different this week! We would like you to get to know us better, so we decided to start a team member spotlight section to showcase our wonderful team members! πŸŽ‰)

Team Member Spotlight

Cleiviane Costa, Senior Software Engineer

GitHub Twitter

OmbuLabs: Why did you decide to become a developer?

Cleiviane: I didn't decide at first. When I went to college I had no idea what a developer was.

I had the opportunity to do an internship in a few areas like DBA and QA. But it was only when I started an internship with software development (to work with C#) that I really started liking the area. I've been working with it ever since.

OmbuLabs: What do you like most about OmbuLabs?

Cleiviane: One of the things that I like the most about OmbuLabs is that we value the balance between work and life, this is widely appreciated and incentivized in the company. No one will ever ask you to sacrifice your weekends, to work more hours than you should and it's okay if you need to have a mental health day. Our health comes first.

OmbuLabs: What is a personal thing you would like to share about you?

Cleiviane: I can't swim, I don't like wine and I have two cats. My biggest dream is to travel the world.

OmbuLabs: What do you like to do when you're not working?

Cleiviane: I like playing video games, recently I've been playing Destiny and Fortnite.

I'm also having guitar lessons and really enjoying it.

I also like to travel, go to the beach and watch tv series.

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