#46 Rails 7 moves ActiveRecord::Base.logger to a class_attribute; Responsible Monkeypatching in Ruby

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Here is issue #046 of our newsletter, where we collect news and tools that we find interesting for your Rails project.

1. Rails 7 moves ActiveRecord::Base.logger to a class_attribute leading to a 7x speed improvement: This post outlines one of the most performant speed improvements in Rails 7.

2. Responsible Monkeypatching in Ruby: This post explores what monkeypatching is, its' responsible uses, and its' dangers. 🐵

3. My Recipe for Optimizing the Performance of Rails Applications: An overview of the best areas of Rails to tweak to optimize performance.

4. Rails 7 allows anything that responds to `#to_str` into redirect_to: A look at one of the new features coming to Rails 7.

5. Using Hotwire with Rails: A simple introduction to using Hotwire. 🔥

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(Note: we are trying something a little different this week! We would like you to get to know us better, so we decided to start a team member spotlight section to showcase our wonderful team members! 🎉)

Team Member Spotlight

Robert Dormer, Senior Software Engineer


OmbuLabs: Why did you decide to become a developer?

Robert: Because it was the strongest option. When I was trying to decide what to major in in college, the other majors I was interested in had some pretty major drawbacks, and this was just as the internet was starting to become mainstream. I had a knack for writing code, and I enjoyed it, and the internet looked like the next hot thing, so Computer Science it was.

OmbuLabs: What do you like most about OmbuLabs?

Robert: The fact that they invest in their people and work hard to keep lines of communication open.

OmbuLabs: What is a personal thing you would like to share about you?

Robert: I tend to like collecting things. I guess you could say I like collecting collections.

OmbuLabs: What is the most interesting thing you've learned while working for us?

Robert: I think the most interesting thing I’ve learned is how much there still is to learn…

OmbuLabs: What do you like to do when you're not working?

Robert: I’m a low key kind of guy - I like to exercise and walk my dog, and I read a lot. I also like gardening, with what little space I have for it!

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