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Whether you need an application designed and built from scratch, you're on a rescue mission for a product that's on fire, or you need some extra engineering muscle for your projects, we can help you.

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Ruby and Rails Upgrade

Ruby and Rails Upgrade

Stop winging it with your team who should be making progress with your product roadmap. Collaborate with our team of senior software engineers who have invested more than 30,000 developer/hours upgrading applications just like yours.

What we Do

  • Our team of experts with extensive experience upgrading large and complex applications applies our refined, battle tested workflow, process and custom tools to upgrade your application in the most efficient and least disruptive way.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your team and development lifecycle to ensure the upgrade process doesn't disrupt your product development timeline.
  • Complete your upgrade faster, and with fewer surprises, by leveraging our extensive knowledge and in-depth experience with even the most challenging issues related to each version of Rails and Ruby.
  • We handle the intricate work of upgrading your Rails application, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business activities while ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Support for your team after the upgrade is complete. We will be available for any issues that you may encounter during your team’s migration to the new version.
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Bonsai is our signature fixed-cost, monthly maintenance service for your Ruby application. Gradually pay off technical debt and keep your application in top form, all at a pace that makes sense for you.

What we Do

  • Gradually and consistently pay off your technical debt, helping to improve your team’s efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and security risks.
  • Advise your team on best practices, process improvement and customized solutions based on what makes the most sense for you.
  • Collaborate with your team and provide expert advice to identify and address the most pressing issues.
  • We submit small pull requests that are easy to understand, review, approve, and deploy. Go from technical debt to technical health, the slow and steady way.
  • While your team concentrates on feature development, our experts dive deep into addressing the essential aspects of technical debt, security risks, upgrades, and performance improvements.
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Security Audit

Security Audit

Receive a comprehensive security audit report to help you safeguard your Ruby application. Gain insight into relevant vulnerable dependencies and vulnerable code through our detailed analysis, saving your team the research and headache. Take the first step towards a more secure production environment.

What we Do

  • Save your development team hours of investigative work with prioritized, actionable data.
  • Discover inadvertent attack vectors and code vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.
  • Compile a detailed report offering a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities in your Ruby application. These are prioritized by severity and impact. By eliminating false positives and non-issues, we ensure you can focus on improving the aspects that actually matter.
  • Help your team get ahead of potential security threats with immediately actionable insights.
  • Allow you to hit the ground running with your security efforts by saving you the time to analyze your codebase, triage and prioritize issues.
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Discover what your next version jumps require with a detailed report by our Rails upgrade specialists. Get a set of time and effort estimates backed by 30,000 hours of experience shipping over 100 upgrade projects to production. When you need to get your budget approved, it's worth every penny.

What we Do

  • Provide you with an action plan to upgrade Ruby and Rails to your target version, customized to your application’s needs and dependencies.
  • Perform a comprehensive code audit, including code quality analysis, dependency assessment, vulnerabilities detection, and in-depth analysis of technical debt hotspots.
  • Provide a set of time and effort estimates for both the worst and best case scenarios per minor version jump. Know how long it will take to upgrade your application to the latest versions of Ruby and Rails.
  • Collaborate with your team to mutually decide the best path forward for tough architectural decisions. Evaluate migration options (e.g., Paperclip to ActiveStorage migration) that make the most sense to your team and budget.
  • Hire our team of experts to perform the upgrade for you or leverage the Roadmap to guide your team through the process.
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Tune Report

Tune Report

A long-term performance plan, which contains a dozen or more recommendations for improving the scalability, cost-effectiveness and performance of your Ruby web application.

What we Do

  • Analyze your application performance monitoring metrics to better understand the state of your infrastructure and whether it is over provisioned or under provisioned.
  • Fine tune your AWS, Puma, Heroku, Kubernetes, or Google Cloud configuration to support peak traffic in the most cost-effective way.
  • Define a prioritized list of issues, objectives, and recommendations to optimize your web application, from frontend to backend and everything in between.
  • Let our team of performance experts provide you an objective analysis of your application's response time, load time, and bottlenecks.
  • Connect with our team in a call to clarify any items in the report. Get a sense of how much time/effort it would take us to implement the recommendations we suggest.
  • Verify that the Ruby VM is properly configured to produce acceptable p95 response times.
  • Reduce your monthly infrastructure cost by implementing our detailed recommendations. Properly provision your infrastructure to auto-scale efficiently.
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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Whether you need to speed up your LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) or finally address all the technical debt that is slowing you down, we are ready to add value from week one. We will embrace your tools, process, and culture to take you from technical debt to technical health, address your performance bottlenecks, and upskill your team in the process.

What we Do

  • Seamlessly integrate our team of Ruby and Rails experts with your engineering team. We collaborate with you to define, identify, prioritize, and trim down your technical debt.
  • Connect with our team on a daily and weekly basis to prioritize your code quality issues.
  • Increase your application's reliability with our SRE consultants and experienced architects.
  • Reduce your monthly infrastructure bill. Let our performance experts ask the questions you haven’t considered yet.
  • See regular reports of the value our team has delivered since week one.
  • Pair with our experts to build up your team’s skills on technical debt, performance optimization, and effective dependency management.
  • Prioritize your technical debt and let our team of industry leading experts tackle it for you. They're well known for refactoring complex code and shipping quality products.
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Design & Development

Design & Development

FastRuby.io is a set of productized services designed and developed by OmbuLabs, Philadelphia's Lean Software Boutique.

As a design and development agency, we love to ideate, design, and develop web and mobile applications for a variety of clients across different industries. If you are interested in our software design and development services, check out our work.

We specialize in helping businesses build their minimum viable products and scale their web and mobile applications.

Visit OmbuLabs.com
Anything Else

Anything Else

Get in touch with us! We love trying new things. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can accommodate your request.