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Test doubles: Testing at the boundaries of your Ruby application

One essential tool that we as software developers rely on is known as “test doubles.” These versatile components come in various forms, including dummies, fakes, stubs, spies, and mocks. However, like other power tools, they require careful handling to prevent unintended consequences.

In this post, we’ll explore the strategic use of test doubles at the boundaries of our application, harnessing their full potential while minimizing associated risks.

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How to Upgrade Rails Without a Test Suite

Sometimes you will be caught between a rock and a hard place. For example: You really need to upgrade your Rails application because Heroku is discontinuing your stack in two weeks so you don’t have the time to write an entire test suite.

Sometimes the situation will be that your boss really needs you to upgrade Ruby or Rails to use a version that gets security updates and they won’t allow you to write tests beforehand.

This article will explain how to ship a Rails upgrade project without a test suite. If your application has no tests, you will learn how to upgrade without having to write tests first.

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